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Testing the LX100 in Singapore

June 27, 2016  •  2 Comments

I finally managed to devote a half day to testing the LX100 in Singapore. What better place to test it than at Gardens by the Bay. Walking along the skyways, visiting both the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest and generally pottering around the gardens affords you a great opportunity to test the capabilities of this little zoom compact. And boy, did it shine! I was able to put it through a variety of light conditions and compositional situations - urban landscape, macro, high contrast scenes and low light, and in each of these it more than proved itself. Making sure that i restricted myself to the 28mm - 60mm zoom range, f2.8 - f8 aperture range and capping ISO at 800, I managed to get the results below. Sure, my Ricoh GR and maybe my Fuji X70 could do a little better (especially since I wouldn't mind taking them all the way to ISO 2000), but this is a marvelous instrument ... compact, versatile and producing files of sterling quality for a 12M Micro 4/3 sensor. The lens is incredible. I hope that Panasonic brings out a 16MP-20MP sensor without the AA filter for the next iteration. Maybe weather sealing ... maybe enhanced IBIS for low light shooting. :) Everything else is just perfect. Highly recommended for travel, street, documentary and urbanscapes.

Great colours, even SOOC.

Great metering.

Able to preserve great detail even in low light.

Sharp and contrasty lens.

Some pretty astounding macro capabilities.

No need to over-or-under expose when shooting A-priority or Manual.

Versatile zoom range allows for great framing.

Great compact camera overall.


Thank you Jim. Your kind words are much appreciated. Like you, I continue to practice and squeeze the most out of this beautiful camera.
Old Jim(non-registered)
Thank you so much for posting a few of your pictures on DPR which brought me to your blog! Yours are perhaps the best demonstration of the quality that can be achieved with the Panasonic LX100! Composition, exposure, color, clarity, all marvelous examples of that which I aspire to achieve, with my copy of this small/compact/flexible camera.
Warmest regards,
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