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Mohonk Preserve: Impressions

February 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The last Sunday in January was warm and it seemed a wonderful day to step out and go on a hike. So off to Mohonk Preserve I went, driving 80 miles to trudge through what was a thawing forest crunchy with dead leaves, twigs and forest debris. Beginning at 330PM, the 4 mile hike promised to be no longer than an hour and a half but, as luck would have it, my companions and I were soon lost. Slaves to confusion but not to time, we only made our way back to the parking lot long after dusk had spread its mantle across the sky.


The late afternoon light on the denuded trees

Frozen waterfall

Pool in Thaw

Narrow Canyon

Water under the bridge

And swirling near my feet

Forest Debris and frozen cataract

Finding our way back at dusk by the light of a returning jet


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