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Lake Champlain

May 31, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

After the great lakes, Lake Champlain is among the largest and most interesting of lakes in North America. Largely situated in the US with a sliver extending into Quebec, it is more than 125 miles long and 14miles wide, houses 80 islands, many of which are inhabited by residents all-year round and by tourists for much of the summer. The lake also comes with its own monster - Champ - a prosaic tribute to the eponymous explorer after whom the lake is named and who is supposed to have been one of the earliest to have set eyes on this fabled and elusive beast.

The photos below are all from the areas in and around North Hero, Isle la Motte and Grand Isle, three of the largest islands in the lake. Cycling, hiking and canoeing (despite the tales of Champ) remain the most popular activities in the area. While the inviting water and the verdure of the islands are attractive, even more attractive are the vistas afforded by the Green Mountains of Vermont, that subtly frame the horizon.

For a quiet, non-adventure sport, non-seaside resort type vacation, Lake Champlain is highly recommended.



Moored in the Morning

Lakeside sculpture



Soon to be driftwood



After the paddling

The long day wanes



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