Subway Portraits

December 07, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The New York Subway presents endless opportunities to watch life in all its diversity - it's trials, tribulations, triumphs. Here all men and women are equal, forced into contact, silent, alone and sometimes laid bare. A camera phone is the perfect tool to capture these moments of revelation, the norm rather than the exception, a familiar rather than a spy!

A mime artist, confident in his craft,  is unchallenged by the barriers of language.

Of many faces, one will stare with the same intensity as you, curious, guarded, watchful.

The nervous candidate takes a break from the citizenship quiz on her way home.

The subway is a shelter for the homeless, a haven for the tired, a mobile island for the hopeless.

Despite the proximity there is loneliness and the subway operates like a its own dystopia, a 21st century soylent green.

Through the bowels of the earth travel the rich, the poor, the oblivious, side bi side, ignorant of each other's desires.

The cares of the world are the same for all, regardless of difference in degree or kind.

Some find escape in peace, some in diversion, some only in the tangled knots of their own thought.


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