Boxing Day at Lake George

December 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Lake George may be popular in Summer and Fall, but it's still a treat in winter. We went expecting cold and snow and fog, but were pleasantly surprised by the unusually mild temperature, partly cloudy skies and absence of fog (except for some early morning mist). Photographed ad nauseum by the professional and amateur alike, it afforded me a chance to add to the already oversupplied inventory of images. I had with me only my two phones (the iPhone 6 and the Nokia 1020) and I spent a few minutes at different times of the day snapping away using any locational advantage I could to take some personal perspectives of this infinitely picturesque lake.

Dramatic before dawn

As dawn breaks

The first flush of morning

Noon shrouded in cloud

The quiet of afternoon

Evening's subtle approach

And the short-lived but satisfying sunset


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